School-based Objectives


  • To provide our students with opportunity to develop the maximum degree of functional competence in English to carry out meaningful activities and communicative transactions through the medium of English.
  • To help our students develop an ever-improving capability to use English to think and communicate; to acquire, develop and apply knowledge;to respond and give expression to experience.
  • To arouse students’ interests in learning English and make them understand that English is a key for communication, an instrument of learning and a medium of entertainment and pleasure.
  • To equip our students with self-contained abilities to use English as a tool for living and their future studies

Short-term (2015-2018)

  • Optimize self-evaluation system and make good use of qualitative information to assess school's performance in all aspects
  • Cultivate students' sense of commitment in devotion to the Lord
  • Enhance students' learning efficiency
  • Enhance students’ ability in reading and writing
  • Provide more authentic chances for students to use English
  • Provide more opportunities to demonstrate their work
  • Provide more opportunities to demons